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At Yorkley, we believe that children should have life skills that will enable them to flourish in the 21st century. We aim to give our children skills that enable them to use new technology in a safe and socially responsible manner. We want children to become independent in their use of technology and know the opportunities that await them in the wider world.

Computing at Yorkley enables the children to access learning across the curriculum and ensures that it is accessible to every child. Not only do we want them to be digitally literate and competent users of technology, but we also want them to develop creativity, resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Above all, Computing is about communication; keeping it efficient, creative and safe. We have designed this curriculum to equip our pupils to leave school with the skills, knowledge and understanding to enter into careers where they can be innovative, confident and successful.


We ensure that this learning is undertaken in unison with a systematic development of all aspects of online safety. At Yorkley, we want to ensure that our children are fully equipped to negotiate the ever-changing digital world, both safely and responsibly.  Here, we focus on themes such as privacy, online bullying and healthy relationships, developing and revisiting important aspects of online safety throughout the years.


Useful websites for parents and carers


Safer Internet

Think U Know Website


Computing is underpinned by our five drivers:

  • Active Adventure
  • Building Me
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Belonging.

Curriculum Overview Documents

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Learning Progression Documents

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