Yorkley Primary School

Global Learning

Global Learning can be applied through any subject area of the school, it also lends itself to a cross-curricular approach as the topics and themes within Global Learning are naturally cross-cutting, and also support the wider school and community work, helping the children to realise links between different areas of school life.

The key curriculum benefits of a cross-curricular approach to Global Learning are:

  • enrich and strengthen cross-curricular learning experiences
  • enable teachers and pupils to link their learning across and beyond the curriculum
  • motivate pupils and teachers to tackle big global issues in a more coherent way.

At Yorkley we are enjoying learning about the wider world community through many subjects and themed days.

In September 2015 the United Nations announced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) –  a set of goals for the world that aim to make our planet fair, healthy and sustainable by 2030.

After the goals were announced, The World’s Largest Lesson took place, with teachers in schools all around the world educating their students about them. This will help students understand the significance of these new global goals to their futures, and the crucial role they could play in realising them.
Fairtrade Fortnight enables us to look at a Global issue in a real-life context. The children are able to talk and debate things that affect themselves, their parents and people from around the globe. This allows them to link up their thinking a fantastic opportunity to broaden their experiences!