Yorkley Primary School

Pupil Responsibilities Around School


We encourage children to take on various responsibilities around the school. 

School Council

The school council are made up of two representatives from year 1 to Year 6. 

They are appointed to  listen, discuss, share their views and, when necessary, vote on actions that need to be taken, they help to organise charity events throughout the year and represent their class  during democratic conversations .They encourage the pupils in their class to be aware of their school environment, to respect and care for it



Eco club

Our Eco Club thinks about recycling, saving energy, conserving water, sustainability, biodiversity and litter. They meet each month and often present an Action Plan to the Head.




Wellbeing Champions

The Wellbeing Champions are made up of children from Mariner and Skylab.

The role of the Wellbeing Champions is to promote resilience, friendship, improve communication and build upon teamwork skills, to encourage a healthy positive mindset across the school. 




School Mascot and House Captains 


Meet Yorkley, he is our schools mascot, Yorkley wears the winning house colour badge which change's weekly.

We have four houses – Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Each house has two team captains, the children earn house points throughout the week by going above and beyond with their learning.

House points are counted up by our House Captains each week, winners are announced in achievement Assembly.