Yorkley Primary School

Federation Future Me Day




Yorkley and Parkend Primary Schools (The Forest of Dean Community Schools Federation) came together for their first ever careers and aspirations day. The aim of the day was to immerse over 200 children in different adult talks linked to their chosen career. It was linked to the curriculum area PSHE, and within that, the topic ‘Dreams and Goals.’

Key Stage 1 and 2 children were immersed in a love of learning with guest speakers, ranging from parent speakers to professionals from around the locality. The children moved between visitors throughout the day and were able to ask questions, try out equipment and uniforms and be part of the day’s activities.

 “As a Federation we prioritise children from both our schools having the insight to leave us with huge aspirations and learn that anything is possible, with the Federation laying the foundation for their future success"

Mrs. K Burke - Executive Head

Representatives from the emergency services, NHS, Gloucestershire College at the Cinderford campus and SPP southern England and Wales supported the event along with many other presenters which united a spark of passion and excitement in our children. We were privileged to have so many companies attend the Future Me Careers day, giving time out of their day to inspire our children was gratefully received”.


Further links and representatives attended from Gloucestershire College, Cinderford Campus: Nursing, Catering, and Hairdressing. Emergency services and NHS, Health & Social Care, Rural Crimes Police Officer, Nursing, Police Constable, Tieval Engineering, Musician of ‘Damaged Goods’, Occupational Therapist, Vet, Physiotherapist, Author, Birds of Prey Specialist, Biodiversity Designer and Ecologist, Project lead at Creo medical for medical devices, Managing director of Bespoke Mentoring and Happy Brain life coach.   Liam Marley spoke for a longer session from SSP Southern England and Wales.


The day in pictures:





Feedback from our guest speakers: 

 Tom Blunt - Tieval Engineer “The children really thought about engineering and enjoyed the day and were so involved. It was nice to attend and share my career.” 

 Chris Powell Managing Director of Bespoke Mentoring and Holly Jones, General Manager-

“Both Yorkley and Parkend Primary Wellbeing Champions would be welcome to apply for any job with us when they’re older. A really inspiring day for both children and presenters.”

Cath Mcday – Rural Crimes police officer

“It was a pleasure to come into the school. The children were so well behaved and asked some really interesting questions”.  

 Lesley Louth – Police constable

 “I really enjoyed coming into the school. All of the children were really enthusiastic!”

 Kay Cook – Happy Brain life coach

“How wonderful to be able to spend time with young minds filled with endless potential to thrive. You have created a powerful opportunity for the next generation to look for inspiring role models. Great day – thank you!” 

 Liam Marley from SPP pumps Coleford.

“It was a pleasure to talk to all the children. I really enjoyed it. The children’s behaviour was exceptional and they asked brilliant questions!”

Amy leach, Local Author-

I'm the local author of the book, 'Not That Witch. It was such a lovely day coming into the school talking about my book and my journey to become an author. The children were so engaging, and I loved hearing the children's favourite authors and answering their questions. The school's organisation for moving all the children around to see so many different presenters and what they do was fantastic. Thank you for having me!



Pupil Voice:


“I now know that your dream job will only come if you practise, work hard and keep trying”



“I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up, Thanks to hearing from the college I now want to be a hairdresser.”



 “I have learnt that jet engines take a really long time to build, I really enjoyed learning about all the different things I could be when I grow up.”